ePrinting Account

How do I activate my ePrinting accounts?

In order to activate your account, you need to pay a cash advance of RM100 (West Malaysia & East Malaysia) to yellowprint.my. We are practicing prepaid system. The cash advance will be credited into your ePrinting account and all your orders will be debited accordingly. Fax or email the copy of your bank-in slip and sign-up confirmation printout to us if you're paying by cash or cheque through our bank. Upon receiving your bank-in slip and sign-up confirmation printout, we will notify you by email that your account has been activated.

How long does yellowprint.my take to reload my account?

Upon receiving your bank-in slip, your account will be reloaded within 15 - 20 minutes (working hour).

How do I login to my ePrinting accounts?

You have to login to our ePrinting Solution using the Dealer ID and password given by yellowprint.my. You are encouraged to change your password after first login.

How secure is my account?

Your online transactions are done via a protected server. We routinely check and update our security perimeters to ensure all information and data stored on our server are not compromised.

What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

Call our Customer Service at +603 87409900 to reset your password.

Can I have more than 1 account?

Yes. By default, Yellowprint will create TWO accounts for all Dealers. The main account has the full access of all the features in ePrinting Solution. As for the second account (Staff's Account), it is mainly for your designers or staffs to upload the artwork.

How do I terminate my account or How can I withdraw from this Program?

If you wish to cancel your account, please send in your application via Ycare of yellowprint.my ePrinting Solution.

Is the balance in my account refundable upon termination of my account?

Yes. All balance in your Dealer Online Account is refundable. We will send you a cheque by courier. RM 10 for west Malaysia or RM 20 for east Malaysia processing fee will be charged to your account.

What happens if my account is inactive for a period of time?

Your account balance will not be forfeited if your account is inactive for a period of time.