Will I have to pay for the delivery of my goods?

No. We provide delivery to any registered address in West East Malaysia. Price Follow Weight ratio

How will you deliver my goods?

All goods are delivered by our appointed courier services. only works with reliable courier services that have good track records.

When will my goods arrive?

Please click here for process duration.

Which areas does your delivery service cover?

Our appointed courier service provider delivers to all states in Malaysia.

Can I collect my orders personally from your office?

Yes. You can collect your order after the production has been completed. please decide before placing the order. If you change your mind, one additional working day will be required for arrangement.

Can you send the orders to my customers?

No. We only deliver to our Dealers' doorstep. This is to allow you the option of repacking the goods before delivering it personally to your customers.

Does guarantee on time delivery of my goods?

While we are committed to the timely delivery of goods to our Dealers, we cannot guarantee you 100% punctuality due to factors such as weather, emergencies and the efficiency of the courier service.

What should I do if I don't receive my orders on time?

Please file an order complaint (complain order) and tell us the problem and we'll try to solve it as soon as possible.

What should I do if there's a mix up in my order and I receive another Dealer's goods?

Please file an order complaint (complain order) and tell us the problem and we'll try to solve it as soon as possible.

Which Product I need to pay delivery fee?

We provide free delivery charge, only for West Malaysia only
*exclude (STANDEE/DISPLAY SYSTEM) and (INJECT PRINTING 4 printing type "Solvent 720dpi", "ECO-Solvent 1440dpi", "HP Dyebase 1200dpi" and "UV Print 1400dpi")

For the INJECT PRINTING 4 printing type, if you purchase more than RM100 is free delivery fee charge, else below RM100 is charge RM15 for delivery fee.

For the STANDEE/DISPLAY SYSTEM, you can go to product info page to get more detail.

Why Offset Printing Receipt Book cannot combine with other product to delivery?

Because Offset Printing Receipt Book need to take more time to do printing process, if combine other product delivery it will delay.