About Us

We combine the state of print technology with responsive customer service & support

We offer both inkjet and digital printing which reduces the overall printing price from conventional printing company to meet the demands of different types of agencies especially small to medium size, be it design houses and print brokers. Equipped with the latest printing technology and advanced facilities, we provide a better printing solution to our clients at a much lower price while maintaining superior quality.

We also offer inkjet and digital printing services to clients who need to have their bunting print, banner print, sticker print, poster print, brochure print, booklet print and etc. We are confident that we can satisfy and impress our clients as our orders are top quality print products and we ensure that our orders are delivered on time. We guarantee our products are worth every penny you pay. And we strive to give our customer the best service as customer's satisfaction is always our first priority.

What Can We Do For You

New Design & Printing Sdn Bhd offers full range of Design, Advertising Printing solutions. One of our major expertises is implementing and supports design house.

We also provides full range printing solutions such as Inkjet (Dyebase, Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV Inkjet, UV Flate Plate), digital print (Xerox Press 700i, offset (GTO & Mitsubishi Diamond), Advertising Accessories (Standee, Promotion Counter, Popup System, Custom Made Standee) & Advertising Signage (Lightbox, Acrylic), LED, Neon, Zigzag, Wallpaper & etc).

In future, we also create full range of online printing JUST IN SECOND service to monopoli online inkjet business. Our target is achieve 5 millions sales per year.